Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Postgis Quick Guide

Nice quick cheat sheet


Monday, November 14, 2011

Learning SQL - Count(DISTINCT COL1)

I've been writing SQL for 20 years now and I learned something new today.

Select Count(DISTINCT COL1) From table1;

I had no idea this even existed let alone that Oracle supports it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rant Fedora 16 for Headless Servers

I cannot believe that there is not a spin for headless servers.  It would seem to me that since Fedora is the test bed for RHEL that they would have that as an option.  But, maybe that competes.  Who knows?

Fedora 16 RPM Rebuild

We are gearing up for Fedora 16.  I was able to get most of my applications rebuilt on Fedora 16 Beta with nothing more than rpmbuild -ta XXX.tar.gz.

I had to add a couple of spec files to the older tar balls but in general it was easy porting dozens of RPMs to FC16 from FC12.

I hope to go live soon!


We ended up going CentOS 6.3 as FC16 went too avant-garde for us to use in production any more.

I collected most of the SRPMs rebuilt with rpmbuild --rebuild just fine.  Many of the CPAN packages that I had build are available on many of the CentOS servers.

This is my fist blog

I've never cared much for blogs but one of my colleagues mentioned that I should just post all of the stuff that i run across.  I found two reason to do this one it will keep a record for me and two someone out there may find it useful. 

If you happen across this blog then find yourself luckly (or unlucky) your choice.

My current interests are DevOps (that's my job), Perl (that's my hobby), RPM (my goal is 100% rpm-based system).

Well, we'll leave it at that for now!